Solar Inverters (Hybrid, Off-Grid, On-Grid)

Since, solar panel produce DC electricity inverters are required to convert electricity to AC. This electricity is then used to charge a battery band (off-grid) or directly feed the grid (on-grid). READ inverters provide hybrid, off-grid and on-grid solutions.

Features of inverters

Hybrid Inverters

Hybrid systems work both on-grid and off-grid. Providing back-up power during an outage and off-grid when primary source of power is available.

Off-Grid Inverters

If you plan to completely alienate yourself from the main grid (WAPDA) then this is the inverter that you should be using. This provides off-grid services, however this can also be used as an emergency backup power to homes. All off-grid inverters are built-in with an AC charger option well suited to providing seamless backup power.

Grid-Tie (On-grid) Inverters

These are on-grid systems which are tied to the grid and do not use a battery bank. These are cheaper systems but if the power from utility company fails then your system also shuts down. If blackouts are frequent in your location or you want to have backup power, consider purchasing an inverter that is Hybrid.